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September 7 2018

How we helped Mud Bay add value for customers by creating a custom web portal and kiosk application.

The Challenge

Mud Bay asked us to a develop a custom web portal that enables customers to interact with Mud Bay outside the store and to serve as a platform for future customer-facing applications and tools. The first iteration of the platform was to empower customers to better care of their pets by creating custom, vet-approved feeding plans for each pet and allowing them to track each pet’s weight.

In addition to the online portal, Mud Bay wanted to increase customer conversion to My Mud Bay by providing an easy way for customers to sign up, create a feeding plan, and access their profiles in-store.

Our challenge was to create a site that aligns with Mud Bay business and brand goals and that is intuitive, flexible, and scalable for future iterations. It was also important for the site to work well on all devices. The companion kiosk app needed to be available in stores to facilitate the process of signing up and creating a pet feeding plan. It was important for the kiosk to work in tandem with the online platform to increase conversion and provide valuable information and a streamlined experience to customers.

Our Solution

We took a mobile-first approach to design and development of My Mud Bay in order to ensure that the site works well on all devices. It was also built out with the idea that additional tools and features would be added to increase conversion and add value for customers.

With the kiosk application, we focused on providing a simple, continuous experience with the online portal. Our development process allows for the application to be updated remotely.

The Client

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  • UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • Custom Web Development

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