Software Development
& Consulting

Leveraging our experience allows you to devise new strategies, reach new markets, and optimize internal processes to give you the competitive edge you need.

Tailors for Your Technology

We specialize in crafting technical solutions that help our clients achieve success through the better use of technology and data.
Hire us as consultants, discover a trusted partner.

Web & Mobile App Development

We build custom applications for companies that want to streamline processes, improve labor-intensive tasks, provide better engagement with their customers, or monetize a new business model. Our team of passionate designers, developers, and strategists have a thirst for building amazing products and the technical experience in building web, mobile and cloud solutions that are flexible and scalable.

eCommerce & Email Marketing

Looking to build a successful online business or to expand your retail operation into the digital space? We can help you establish a scalable online presence and give you the tools to simplify the way you communicate with your customers.

Custom Intranets

We help big companies communicate like small companies. By integrating all of your current communication and reporting systems, CORE delivers all of the capabilities you’d expect from a social intranet platform with the added flexibility to customize your intranet into a rich environment for sharing, connection, communication, and collaboration.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

We make your data make sense. We customize business intelligence & reporting tools for your business and create powerful insights that you can share across your organization.

Point-Of-Sale Integrations

Getting data where it needs to be is a challenge for most retailers. Our team has experience integrating both legacy and modern web-service platforms into many business applications and reporting interfaces, including CORE.


Most businesses have information scattered between multiple databases. DARKWOLF's development team is familiar with maintaining and leveraging your information, regardless of where it lives.

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