Custom Intranet for your company

CORE offers a rich environment for sharing, connection, communication, and collaboration.

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Intuitive & Flexible

Our vision and primary goal for CORE is to help big companies communicate like small companies. By integrating all of your current communication and reporting systems, CORE delivers all of the capabilities you’d expect from a social intranet platform with the added flexibility to customize your intranet.

Make your data make sense.

Because most companies have information scattered across multiple databases, we work to maintain and leverage data, regardless of where it lives. We customize business intelligence and reporting tools to create powerful insights that can be shared across your organization and used to help your business meet its goals.

At the core of your business and ours.

At DARKWOLF, we use CORE as a hub for communication and reporting within our organization. We’ve also built custom tools for ourselves, much like we do every day for our clients!

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If you think your company would benefit from our intranet, we’ll send you a demo to see if CORE is right for you.