It's the people that make a difference. Great people help companies do extraordinary things. We are looking for more people who want to help us do stuff our moms would be proud of.

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You're more than what's on paper. We hire people, not positions. Send that resume (PDF please) & let's talk.

Make a Difference

We help our clients solve real problems and get to see the results of our efforts.

We're Good People

Life's too short to work with a bunch of jerks.

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We'll supply you with whatever hardware and software you need to feel comfortable.

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Nobody wants to work for peanuts.

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We have personal lives and we suspect you'd like to as well.

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Companies talking about "fast-paced environments" are really saying that "we're in over our heads".

Wear a Hoodie

We don't really care what you wear, as long as you wear something. Except chaps. No chaps.

Great Benefits

Our benefits are competitive and flexible.

We're Stable & Profitable

Your position isn't dependent on the company obtaining another round of VC money.


Some of us have fuzzy/furry companions at the office. Bring your own. No snakes though. Snakes creep us out.

Open Positions

UX/UI Designer & Developer

Issaquah, WA

Developing wireframes, high-fidelity mockups, and implementing your designs with the development team. This is primarily a web design role, so applicants should be very comfortable working with HTML, SASS/CSS as well as working with Javascript. You will provide design leadership for the company, and push to make all of our finished products look and feel cutting edge, while also being easy to use.

Front-End Developer (Javascript/React)

Issaquah, WA

Working closely with other developers & UI/UX, you will be accelerating our front-end development processes: working with frameworks and developing consistent tools for the team to use. With you on the team, we should be able to quickly roll out great, interactive front-ends that are highly maintainable.

IT Ninja / System Administrator

Issaquah, WA

We’re looking for great technical candidates, but our number one priority is finding IT Ninjas who are positive, gracious, friendly, patient, and have great communication skills. You’ll be supporting servers, desktops, and users of all kinds. We try hard to solve root cause problems, and maximize our capability to remotely administer systems, but there is no substitution for having boots on the ground. The position will require regular travel in the greater Seattle area, and may require being on-call.

Contract Positions

Are you an experienced & passitionate event professional? Our live team is looking for great contractors to help us deliver world-class esports and broadcast events in Seattle, the Pacific Northwest and the world!

  • Camera Operator
  • Audio Technician
  • Replay Operator
  • Videographer
  • Network Engineer
  • Technical Director
  • Stage Manager
  • Esports Tournament Operations
  • On-screen Talent
  • Broadcast Producer

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